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How To Guides

Learn how to use the dClimate Marketplace

📄️ What’s a Collection and How do I Create One?

A collection is the basis for a subscription. When you subscribe to a subscription you are actually subscribing to the collection it belongs to. Any other subscription connected to this subscription you are also subscribed to. Check the collection page to see all other subscriptions you can access. This is important to know when you create your own collection. Each collection has its own tiers and prices for each of those tiers. Each tier will allow you access to certain levels of data. A ‘premium’ tier for example will theoretically grant you more access than a ‘bronze’ tier but it will cost more. When a subscription is purchased, the total cost of the duration of the subscription is paid up front. You can incentivize people to purchase longer subscriptions but lowering the price if a longer length is selected. We give three different time lengths to help with this.

📄️ Querying Data Instead of Downloading Large Files

ZARR based datasets help us improve your ability to request only the data you need. Datasets with the file type called ‘ZARR’ support this feature. If you only need a couple megabytes worth of data from one specific area for a specific time period, you can request just that instead of downloading gigabytes worth of data to access only that small portion of data. This is done by either inputting the longitudes and latitudes manually or by selecting an area on the map when you are ready to download the data. This also means you don’t need to filter out the database since you only requested the specific area you wanted and improves your ability to quickly work on the data requested.

📄️ Making an API Request (via Subscriptions)

Making an API request is relatively easy. Once you have purchased a subscription you will be able to make requests on the datasets that allow your subscription. Once you press “Make an API Request” a request page will appear. The dropdowns will give you all the available options you have based on your subscription level. Select the options from the dropdown and make the request. That's it! It may take several minutes while the data is fetched and encrypted for only your eyes. You can track the progress of your request by visiting the ‘Download Center’ in your profile. It will show if it's still pending or finished. If it is finished, a download icon will appear allowing you to decrypt the data and download it to your computer. You can make as many requests as you like until your subscription runs out. Each request has a small fee attached to cover network costs.

📄️ What’s an Organization and How do I Create One?

An organization allows data publishers to link all of their different data together under one umbrella and help with data discoverability. By selecting on the organization of a dataset you are looking at, you will be able to see all the other datasets published by the organization. It also allows you to tell more about who you are and link your website for others to view while getting the chance to be verified and add more credibility to your datasets you publish.